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Criteria and methodology for Rank Bank’s rankings

career paths:

Sure, here is a suggested criteria and methodology for Rank Bank’s rankings in Nigeria:


  1. Availability of reliable and up-to-date data: The availability and quality of data is a critical factor for Rank Bank’s rankings. The ranking lists should only be based on data that is readily available, accurate, and up-to-date.
  2. Relevance to industry and career paths: The rankings should be based on industries and career paths that are relevant and important to the Nigerian economy, society, and job market.
  3. Objectivity: The rankings should be free from bias, and the criteria and methodology should be applied objectively to all organizations and individuals being ranked.
  4. Transparency: The criteria and methodology used for the rankings should be clear, concise, and publicly available, allowing for easy understanding and replication of the ranking process.


  1. Data Collection: Rank Bank will collect data from multiple sources, including publicly available databases, industry reports, company and individual websites, and surveys. Rank Bank will ensure that the data is reliable, current, and relevant to the specific industry or career path being ranked.
  2. Data Analysis: Rank Bank will analyze the collected data using statistical methods and data analytics software. The analysis will involve identifying trends and patterns in the data and establishing benchmarks for comparison. The results of the analysis will inform the rankings.
  3. Weighting: The criteria used for the rankings will be weighted based on their relative importance to the industry or career path being ranked. The weighting will be determined through consultation with industry experts and stakeholders.
  4. Final Results: The final ranking lists will be compiled based on the weighted criteria and the analysis of the data. The ranking lists will be published on Rank Bank’s website, along with a detailed explanation of the methodology used for the rankings.
  5. Review: The methodology and criteria used for the rankings will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain relevant and up-to-date. Rank Bank will also welcome feedback from stakeholders and the public to continually improve the ranking process.

Overall, Rank Bank will strive to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency in its rankings, ensuring that they are credible, reliable, and relevant to the Nigerian economy, society, and job market