Nigeria’s Top 10 Skit Makers

In the vibrant world of Nigerian entertainment, skit makers have become household names, captivating audiences with their unique comedic talents and relatable content. Here’s a rundown of Nigeria’s top 10 skit makers who are setting social media ablaze with their creativity and humour:

  1. Mark Angel Comedy – Known for the viral success of Emmanuella’s skits.
  2. Broda Shaggi – Famous for his street-style comedy and the character “Fine Boy Agbero”.
  3. Taaooma – Renowned for her hilarious skits portraying Nigerian mothers.
  4. Mr. Macaroni – Recognized for his “Ooin, you’re doing well” catchphrase.
  5. Lasisi Elenu – Notable for his rants and exaggerated facial expressions.
  6. Sydney Talker – Popular for his expressive and dramatic comedic style.
  7. Maraji – One of the pioneers of Instagram comedy in Nigeria, known for her versatile character portrayals.
  8. Zic Saloma – Famous for his cross-dressing characters and witty humor.
  9. Nasty Blaq – Known for his skits that often highlight everyday relationship issues.
  10. Josh2funny – Gained fame with his hilarious remixes and the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge.

These comedians have not only entertained millions but have also leveraged their platforms to influence and inspire.

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