Top 10 Africa’s Lengthiest Bridges

Bridges, showcasing human innovation, play a crucial role in modern infrastructure, connecting cities, islands, and geographical gaps. Africa, too, contributes to this feat with its rapidly developing countries boasting some of the most extensive and distinctive bridges. Here’s a glimpse of the top ten longest bridges in Africa:

  1. 6th October Bridge, Egypt (Length: 12.7 Miles)
    • A monumental structure designed to enhance connectivity in Cairo, Egypt.
    • Built between 1969 and 1996, integral to daily life for approximately 500,000 people.
    • Dubbed the ‘spinal cord of Cairo,’ vital for transport, tourism, and the economy.

2. Third Mainland Bridge, Nigeria (Length: 7.3 Miles)

  • Connecting Lagos Island to the mainland, relieving congestion in Lagos.
  • Completed in 1990, underwent repairs due to vibrations in 2006 and later in November 2023.

3. Suez Canal Bridge, Egypt (Length: 2.4 Miles)

  • Links Asia and Africa, financed by Japan and Egypt.
  • Completed in 2009, accommodates ships with a clearance of 230 feet.

4. Mozambique Island Bridge, Mozambique (Length: 1.9 Miles)

  • Connects the Island of Mozambique to the mainland across the Indian Ocean.
  • Renovated with a lighting system, serves as a one-way, one-lane bridge.

5. Dona Ana Bridge, Mozambique (Length: 2.3 Miles)

  • Originally built for rail transport, transformed into a road bridge.
  • Restructured in 2009 and 2016, connecting Malawi to Mozambique.

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, Mozambique (Length: 1.5 Miles)

  • A box girder bridge spanning the Zambezi River, connecting Sofala and Zambezia provinces.
  • Completed in 2009, named after the former president of Mozambique, Armando Guebuza.

7. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, Egypt (Length: 1.2 Miles)

  • Spans the Nile River, constructed by Dorman, Long & Co. Limited.
  • Completed in 1933, features two giant lion statues and is a tourist hotspot.

8. Wouri Bridge, Cameroon (Length: 1.1 Miles)

  • Upgraded from a colonial-era bridge, restored and expanded between 2013 and 2017.
  • Connects the port of Bonaberi to Douala, enhancing traffic flow and structural stability.

9. Mkapa Bridge, Tanzania (Length: 0.6 Miles)

  • Named after Benjamin Mkapa, financed by the Kuwait Fund, OPEC, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Inaugurated in 2003, facilitates commerce, travel, and tourism in Tanzania.

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge, Namibia (Length: 0.56 Miles)

  • Also known as Bridge 508, spans the Zambezi River, connecting Namibia and Zambia.
  • Opened in 2004, facilitates trade and tourist traffic across south-central Africa.

Future Bridges In Africa:

  • Fourth Mainland Bridge (Lagos, Nigeria): Expected completion in 2027, spanning 23 miles.
  • Unnamed Tanzania Bridge (Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Island): Preliminary stages, anticipated length of 31 miles.
  • Mtentu Bridge (Height: 732 feet): Africa’s tallest bridge upon completion.

Africa is poised for significant growth with these advanced and extensive bridge projects, providing ample opportunities in logistics, connectivity, and the economy.

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