Empowerment Unleashed: DWSF’s Free Training for Women

A compelling initiative tailored to empower women across Nigeria has been unveiled, inviting them to break the chains of dependency and strive for independence. The non-governmental organization known as “Divine Women SKILLS Foundation” (DWSF), led by founder Anthonia Njideka, aims to equip women with skills, knowledge, and mentorship that will enable them to achieve self-sufficiency and resilience in the face of challenges.

The initiative has set its sights on liberating women from traditional expectations that have often rendered them reliant on men for financial stability and decision-making. Stories of women encountering dire circumstances after losing their husbands or facing unforeseen challenges highlight the need for such empowerment efforts.

The foundation’s vision aligns with the broader call for gender equality and women’s empowerment. By providing holistic development, skills acquisition, education, and individualized coaching, the initiative strives to equip women to overcome obstacles and actively contribute to their communities.

Anthonia Njideka, also known as Lady Divine, founded DWSF with a strong drive to make a lasting impact on women’s lives. Drawing from her passion to support others since childhood, Njideka is dedicated to fostering a culture of independence and self-reliance among women.

One of the most significant draws of this initiative is that it offers its training for free. Registration comes without any charges, as the foundation believes in making empowerment accessible to all women. This commitment to affordability underscores their focus on empowering women across diverse backgrounds.

The foundation’s track record speaks for itself. With a history spanning nearly a decade, DWSF’s credibility is rooted in its consistent dedication to its cause. Numerous testimonials attest to the value the initiative has added to the lives of many women.

A notable aspect of the initiative is its emphasis on ethical principles, respect for all individuals, and selfless service. This ethical foundation contributes to the credibility and trustworthiness of the initiative.

For women seeking a pathway to self-reliance, personal development, and professional growth, the Divine Women SKILLS Foundation presents a promising opportunity. By dismantling the barriers of dependency and nurturing a culture of empowerment, the initiative aims to transform women into assets for their families and communities.


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