Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rank Bank?Back to top

Rank Bank is a back-linking system that allows you to purchase link spots on individually owned, high PR sites. This allows your backlinking efforts to reflect more random and natural placements, without a discernible footprint, as your backlinks will come from a wide diversity of IPs, geographical locations and website themes and platforms.

Currently, only members of IMA and/or eFormula can add sites to the Rank Bank network. By adding websites/pages to Rank Bank, you will be compensated when links are placed on your website, and you can choose to earn cash, credits or both. You may choose to keep your earnings, or you can spend it to purchase link spots for yourself on high PR sites belonging to other Rank Bank users.

Is Rank Bank a link directory?

Not at all. Unlike typical link directories that require you to add a specific Links page, Rank Bank creates links on PR1 pages and above that already have content on them. In order for a site/page to be added to Rank Bank, it must have a PR of 1-6. We do not accept unranked sites or sites with PR0. We also do not allow PR 7 or higher, due to the increased risk of encountering fraudulent PR with those sites.

Are the links reciprocal?

These are not reciprocal links. Rank Bank uses complex algorithms to automatically create one-way links between all of the pages within the Rank Bank system.

What if I don't have any pages with PageRank?

Rank Bank only accepts pages with a Google PageRank of 1 or above, so if you have no PR on any of your pages, at first you will at first be ineligible for Link Credits. However, you can buy Link Credit directly, which will ultimately earn PageRank for the pages you’ve added to Rank Bank.

What do you mean by Link Variations?

The term Link Variations refers to the URL and anchor text you use in your backlinks. In each backlink campaign, you can have an unlimited number of link variations. Rank Bank automatically chooses Link Variations at random each time it places your backlink on someone’s site.

I don’t want people to see all my sites…will they be able to?

Each Rank Bank user remains anonymous, so no one is able to browse through another user’s sites. Your information remains private and is never used for any reason beyond exchanging links with other Rank Bank users.

What does the code look like once installed on my site?

The link display code will be seen as plain anchor text links in HTML format. If you have successfully installed the link display code, you will see a link to the home page of your site. The format of the displayed links does not contain any footprint and no identifying markup is displayed in any way. The following are examples of the link display code:
My Back Link
Good Content 2
Back Link Example

How Does Rank Bank Work?Back to top

As a Rank Bank customer, you will have access to a dashboard page from which you can control your activities within the Rank Bank system, including adding websites or pages, specifying categories and setting up backlink campaigns. Detailed instructions for implementing all those tasks are also accessible from your dashboard.

Can links be displayed in languages other than English?

It is possible for backlinks to be in a different language if you choose. Keep in mind there may not be any available links and/or websites for some languages.

Is there a limit to how many websites or pages I can add to Rank Bank?

You can add as many sites/pages as you want, but links are limited to 10 links per page. This is done to protect the integrity of the links, and to maximize the effectiveness of having a high PR backlink. Too many outgoing links on a page can lower the overall value of all the links in the eyes of the search engines. In order to add your site/page to Rank Bank, it must have a PR of 1-6. We do not accept unranked sites or sites with PR0. We also do not allow PR7 or higher, due to the increased risk of encountering fraudulent PR with those sites. Currently, Rank Bank is being kept exclusive, in that only IMA members and eFormula customers are allowed to add sites to the system. This has been done in an effort to maintain the quality and integrity of the links available through Rank Bank.

What kind of links will be put on my pages?

Backlinks will appear as plain anchor text links. Please remember that links are limited to a maximum of 10 links per page.

What if I don’t want to display links from certain categories?

You will select the categories you want to include and only links from those categories will be presented to you.

Why can’t I see any links when my account shows that some have been placed on my page?

Links may not show up instantly. You may not be able to see them until 24 hours later.

Once backlinks are placed on a page, do they stay there permanently?

Generally, yes. When a link has been placed, it will stay on the page as long as the page remains in the Rank Bank system, meets all requirements, and you have enough remaining link credit to maintain the link’s placement. In the event a site owner deletes the page, or rejects your link, the link credit spent for that link is returned to your account and the Rank Bank system will look for a different page on which to place your link. If the PR of a page changes, but still meets your requirements, your link credit balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Is there a limit to how many backlinks I can get?

Currently, there is no limit.

How do I know the PR of a page my backlinks are on is real?

The Rank Bank system only allows pages with a PR1 or higher. If a PR is determined to be faked, or if real PR drops below the acceptable limit, the links are removed from the page. Keep in mind you always have the option of declining a link if you don’t want it, and the system will look for a different link for you. You can also choose to discard links that you do not want on your own pages, even after they have been placed.

Once I have Link Credits, how do I start getting backlinks?

Once you have earned or purchased link credits, you can start getting backlinks by creating a backlink campaign from within your dashboard. You must specify at least one URL and anchor text for your campaign, but you can create as many URL/anchor text combinations as you like in each campaign. You may also create as many backlink campaigns as you want.

My account shows a backlink…why can’t I see it on the page?

Rank Bank checks for links by analyzing the page source code. If a Rank Bank user is trying to disguise or hide the links on their pages, it’s possible the Rank Bank system will not find it. If you suspect that someone is utilizing deceptive practices in displaying the links on their pages, you can choose to reject the link and contact the support desk. We will investigate and take the appropriate action in such cases.

Some or all of my backlinks have disappeared…what happened?

Sometimes, site owners will discard your link from their pages. If this happens, Rank Bank will automatically try to find another site on which to place your links.

I have a link in my account from a PR0 page…how did that happen?

PR will sometimes fluctuate, and occasionally a page may drop to PR0. The page is not automatically removed from the Rank Bank system, since in many cases it will eventually recover the original PR. Any links on a PR0 page will not earn the site owner any Link Credit, nor will any charges be made to the link builder. If the page does not recover its PR in a short time, the links are removed from the page and the Rank Bank system will attempt to place the links on another page.

Mistake in setting up anchor text in rank bank?

We have noticed that several users have written anchor text like “term1, term2, term3“. This is wrong. It won’t rotate the terms with anchor tags. User must enter only one term in anchor text. They can use the same term in as many variants as they like.

How does Link Credit work?Back to top

Link Credit can be earned if you are a member of IMA or eFormula, by having links placed on your pages, otherwise, it can be purchased. The more links you allow to be displayed across all your websites, the more you can earn in Link Credit. You can then use your Link Credit to buy backlinks for your own sites. The amount of Link Credit that can be earned or spent is also determined by the PR of the page. Placing a link on a page with higher PR will cost more Link Credit, and you can earn more Link Credit by allowing links to be placed on your higher PR pages.

How many Link Credits does a link cost?

The cost of a Link Credit is determined by the PR of the page on which the link is placed. The table below shows the values of links placed on different pages:

  • PageRank of pageValue (Per Link Per Month)Amount for placement(Per Link Per Month)
  • PageRank 11 Link Credit
    1.10 $
  • PageRank 23 Link Credit
    3.30 $
  • PageRank 35 Link Credit
    5.50 $
  • PageRank 412 Link Credit
    13.20 $
  • PageRank 520 Link Credit
    22.00 $
  • PageRank 675 Link Credit
    82.50 $

Can I sell my Link Credits to other Rank Bank customers?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to sell or transfer Link Credits.

Will my site work with Rank Bank?Back to top

Rank Bank will work on almost any site that runs PHP. We are adding additional content Management systems capabilities in the near future.

Does Rank Bank work for sites created in HTML?

Yes, if your server runs Apache and PHP, you should be able to use Rank Bank.

What if I have account issues?Back to top

What do I do if I forget my password?

Use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the log in page. Fill in the email address you used to register for Rank Bank and your current password will be emailed to you.

What happens if I decide to cancel my account?

You will need to cancel your subscription in PayPal. You have 30 days in which to request a refund for any unused Link Credit.

How can I get more help?

If you have additional questions you can contact the support desk by clicking the Contact link in Rank Bank.